“Live joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”

When I agreed to attend a wedding at the last minute, I didn't know then how much my life would change. But it was during this event that I met my future husband and started off what has been an incredible romance with India all these years later- not just because we fell head over heels in love and my first daughter was born here but also for its rich history which is visible everywhere you look: I was mesmerized by the colors, the architecture, the diverse customs, and the rich history everywhere I looked — India has so much life packed into every inch.

I remember reflecting on how India was life in its fullest and rawest form. I learned from this experience that life should be lived by making every moment count, whether you're sitting alone in front of an open fire with nothing but wine for company or surrounded by people who love you dearly. Know also when things seem dark - as they often do, there's always something to be grateful for!

Three years ago, I made a momentous move from the bustling city to an idyllic community. After discovering how welcoming and wholesome New Canaan is - with its exceptional schools, close friendships, and genuine values – I'm grateful for this place that has become my home. I am excited to continue building on my small business in this vibrant, supportive environment that drew me here in the first place.

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