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White vintage sun bleached kantha! #vintagefinds #WhiteVintageKantha

White vintage sun bleached kantha! #vintagefinds #WhiteVintageKantha

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Give a unique, one-of-a-kind gift: an eye-catching vintage white Kantha blanket! Crafted using traditional quilting and salvageable sarees, the intricate original patterns show off after sun-bleaching, adding depth and a beautiful effect. Saree borders create bold lines and geometric shapes that are enhanced by signature Kantha stitching - simply stunning!

Kantha throws are composed of layers of soft cotton fabric.  Stitched together using the traditional Kantha quilting stitch, this blanket is soft and lightweight. 

As this item is vintage and well-loved, it has some defects that add character.



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Dry clean only.

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Solid colored Kantha throws #KanthaStitch #SoftCotton #ClassicColors

Our solid colored kantha throws have better use than only a stylish accessory - as a picnic blanket for outdoor adventures, or a wrap on winter evening while watching your favorite show.