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Small Vintage Laxmi Print in its Original Frame I Goddess Laxmi I Indian Art I Gift

Small Vintage Laxmi Print in its Original Frame I Goddess Laxmi I Indian Art I Gift

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Our remarkable vintage Indian calendar painting depicting Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth is the perfect way to bring spirituality and history into any space. With its original frame, it harks back centuries ago when Calendar Art was mass-produced with popular icons & deities - a cultural tradition still honored today! An investment in heritage as much as beauty.

Goddess Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. She is considered the consort of Lord Vishnu and is widely worshipped in India. In Hindu mythology, Laxmi is depicted as a beautiful and graceful woman dressed in fine garments and adorned with precious jewels. She is often depicted holding lotus flowers in her hands, which symbolize purity and enlightenment.

Laxmi is considered the embodiment of all that is material and worldly and is revered as the giver of wealth and prosperity. In Hindu tradition, she is invoked at the start of any new enterprise or venture, and her blessings are sought for success in business and financial matters.


Work on Paper in Glass Frame


5.75 X 3.6 Inches

Care information

Dry clean only.

Handle with care
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