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Cotton Caftan with Navy Blue Hand Embroidery

Cotton Caftan with Navy Blue Hand Embroidery

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White Cotton Caftan with Navy Blue Chikenkari Embroidery

Our hand-embroidered caftan by women artisans around Lucknow in Northern India that emerged as a cultural and artistic hub, from the dominion of the Mughals to seat of power of the Nawabs in the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional motifs are first block-printed onto the fabric, and the artisans dedicate their time to embroider these beautiful patterns within the comfort of their homes, giving them flexibility to work around their responsibilities, including parenting and household duties.

Designed for Comfort

These soft, elegantly embroidered cotton caftans are designed with both comfort and style in mind, featuring exquisite embroidery on both the front and back, along with practical side slits. With a length of 50 inches, they cater to most sizes.

Caftan are emerging as a popular choice for casual entertaining and everyday comfort. The relaxed yet sophisticated style of the caftan makes it ideal for gatherings with friends and family, for a cozy brunch at home or a evening on the patio. 

The history of Chikankari embroidery adds a layer of cultural significance to this garment. This intricate craft was introduced to India during the Mughal era, dating back to the 16th century. Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, is credited with bringing Chikankari to Lucknow. Under the patronage of the Mughal rulers and their noble families, this art form flourished and has since become a symbol of enduring beauty and craftsmanship. 


The caftan is crafted from 100% cotton.


One size fits all, measuring 50 inches in length.

Care information

Dry clean only.

Gently machine wash and lightly press with an iron.
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