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Antique Statue | Lord Buddha Statue on Pashupati | Himalyan Stone Sculptures

Antique Statue | Lord Buddha Statue on Pashupati | Himalyan Stone Sculptures

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Antique stone statue of Lord Buddha from Thailand seated in a meditative pose on Pashupati, in an elegant metal stand for display. 

The sculpture depicts Lord Buddha seated in a classic meditative posture, with his hands in the dhyana mudra. Pashupati looks like a type of pendant, and the intricate design pattern is not visible due to the statue's age.

The statue is mounted on an elegant metal stand, which complements the beauty of the sculpture and adds to its overall visual appeal. 

For additional information on this style of Buddha sculptures please visit the Metropolitan Museum website




10X7 inches

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Dry clean only.

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Antique stone statues #Gandharan #Buddha

Gandharan art, which flourished from the 1st to 5th centuries AD, reflects this cultural diversity, with elements of Greek, Roman, Persian, and Indian art blending together to create a distinct and innovative style. The iconic Gandharan Buddha sculptures, for example, feature Hellenistic-inspired drapery and realistic facial features, combined with Indian iconography and symbolism. The result is a rich and fascinating artistic tradition that captures the essence of the region's multicultural heritage.