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Set of three Vintage Indian Art I Jain Art I Lord Mahavira I Wall Decor (3/3)

Set of three Vintage Indian Art I Jain Art I Lord Mahavira I Wall Decor (3/3)

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Set of three Jain lithographs depicting Lord Mahavira's Life (1/3)

Each print is for $135, and all three for $300.

Jainism, one of the oldest religions in the world, has a rich art tradition. These vintage calendar artworks capture the life of their spiritual teacher with the beauty and wisdom of their religion. 

Mahavira, usually depicted in a sitting or standing meditative posture, with the symbol of a lion beneath him, is recognized as the 24th supreme preacher of Jainism. Mahavira was born in the early 6th century; he abandoned all worldly possessions at the age of about 30 and left home in pursuit of spiritual awakening. His earliest iconography is from archaeological sites in the Indian city of Mathura, also known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna by Hindus. 

At the turn of the 18th century, a marked shift in art began with growth in colonial arts schools taught students to view themes such as religion and mythology through a western lens. This mindset helped create an entirely new style dubbed 'calendar art' during the 2000's which took traditional cultural images like Ramayana and Mahabharata characters plus religious symbols - giving them a contemporary relook. 


Lithography ushered in a new era of communication for Indian individuals, society, and their gods - providing an accessible form of art that began to leave its mark on private and public spaces. Its cheap cost coupled with the ability to reach mass circulation has ensured its influential power that was leveraged by product brands that often advertised on wall-hung calendars that ensured their promotion for 12 months; thus termed as Calendar Art.

I hope that you like these three lithographs depicting Lord Mahavira's life. 


Works on paper, with glass and original frame


11 inches X 8 inches

Care information

Dry clean only.

Handle with care
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