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Indigo Vintage Kantha Throw 2

Indigo Vintage Kantha Throw 2

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Handcrafted through centuries-old techniques, these unique and vibrant throws are stitched with recycled sarees to form intricate patterns. Adorned with original designs that pay homage to the artisan's heritage, each throw is dyed in natural indigo for a captivating finish - completing its well-deserved status as one of a kind vintage treasure!

You can never have enough blankets, and you’re going to want to add our Indigo Dyed Kantha Blanket to your collection.  Made of lightweight cotton from recycled saris, our sustainable Indigo blanket is a perfect choice for spring days and cool summer evenings. Deep indigo is a classic color and a fresh alternative to other overused neutrals.

Because we upcycle fabric from sari, you may see hints of the original pattern peeking through the Indigo.  Our blankets have a memory we think adds interest and character to any home.

Our Indigo Dyed Kantha Blankets attain their deep blue color from an ancient plant-based dyeing technique originating in India.

Once considered a highly coveted trade commodity known as “blue gold” in India, Indigo dye is derived from the leaves of the Indigofera plant. The deep blue hue associated with Indigo is achieved through a series of soaks in natural indigo dyes.  The fabric is sun-dried after each soak.  After the final soak, the color is set using a fermentation process.

Natural indigo has a signature, and the trained eye is able to determine the country of origin and weather in the region based on the depth of color and other characteristics in the finished product. Impurities in the indigo add even more character to these one-of-a-kind blankets.



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