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Tri-color Block Print Dinner Napkins, Cloth Napkins, Wedding Napkins

Tri-color Block Print Dinner Napkins, Cloth Napkins, Wedding Napkins

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Set of 6 Dinner Napkins - 100% cotton hand block printed measuring 18" x 18".

Give your dining experience an interesting touch with beautifully hand-block printed dinner napkins crafted with love in Jaipur. Adorned by traditional Mughal motifs that were inspired by flowers and botanical studies during the Mughal empire that created magnificent art, architecture, pietra dura, and murals, and much imagery was used from flora.

The soft, cotton napkins make them gentle on your skin and easy to care for, ensuring that they will stay beautiful, meal after meal. 

From an unforgettable dinner party to adorning the table at any special occasion, they make for an ideal gift. And for the perfect cherished wedding dinner, our block print napkins will add a special touch to your remarkable celebrations. 

Transform your table into something truly extraordinary with these block-printed napkins.


100% Cotton


18 Inches X 18 Inches

Care information

Dry clean only.

Machine Wash and Lightly Iron
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