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Sustainably Crafted Unique Quilted Trucker Jacket in Green, Pink and Purple from Recycled Saris

Sustainably Crafted Unique Quilted Trucker Jacket in Green, Pink and Purple from Recycled Saris

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Introducing the "Kantha Collared Jacket" - Where Style Meets Sustainability and History

Elevate your wardrobe with our Kantha Collared Jacket, a contemporary twist inspired by the classic 'trucker' jacket. These unique jackets feature  the iconic collared neckline and point-flapped front pockets reminiscent of the classic jean jacket, enriched with vibrant colors and patterns in recycled sari fabric with Kantha stitching.

Originally crafted for cowboys, miners, and railroad workers in the late 1880s, the trucker jacket has become an iconic element of American fashion. Our Kantha Collared Jacket seamlessly blends Indian textiles with Western design, offering something that transcends borders and histories.

It offers highly versatile, pairing effortlessly with your favorite dress or a pair of jeans.

What sets each jacket apart is its unique origin, upcycled from 100% cotton saris. Each piece is a work of art, displaying a rich tapestry of colors, stitches, and patterns that celebrate India's craftsmanship.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to ethical practices. Our apparel is crafted from vintage fair trade saris, hand-made by women artisans working in safe and equitable conditions. When you choose this jacket, you champion our mission of social and environmental responsibility, contributing to waste reduction in the Indian textile industry.

Size: Universally fitting, wears medium to large.

Handmade in India from upcycled cotton textiles.

- Fully Reversible Jacket
- Unique Prints on Each Side
- Dry Clean Only


Recycled Sari fabric quilted with Kantha stitching


One size - first Medium to Large sizes

Care information

Dry clean only.

Dry Clean Only
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