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Made-to-Order I Blue Chinoiserie Hand-block Print Table Cloth I Wedding Table Cloth I Cotton Table Cloth

Made-to-Order I Blue Chinoiserie Hand-block Print Table Cloth I Wedding Table Cloth I Cotton Table Cloth

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**Elevate Your Dining Experience with Custom Hand-Block Printed Tablecloths**
Create unforgettable moments with our exclusive collection of tailor-made hand-block print tablecloths. Inspired by the timeless beauty of Mughal motifs and meticulously handcrafted in Jaipur, these tablecloths are designed to perfectly complement tables ranging from 6 to 16 seats. Our table linens are custom-tailored to suit your unique needs. Simply choose a pattern, specify the shape, size, and any desired design customizations, and we'll craft table linens that are truly one-of-a-kind.

**Complete Your Table Setting with Matching Linens**
We offer the option to match your tablecloth with coordinating linens, including:
- Dinner Napkins
- Lunch Napkins
- Cocktail Napkins
- Table Runners

**Hand-Block Printed on Premium Cotton**
Our tablecloths pay homage to the rich tradition of Indian hand-block printing, an art form that has evolved over centuries. Crafted in Jaipur, these tablecloths feature high-quality cotton fabrics adorned with floral motifs inspired by the lush gardens and floral aesthetics beloved by the Mughal emperors. Artisans intricately carve wooden blocks with these motifs, dip them in natural dyes, and then apply the design to the fabric.

Our tablecloths are the perfect addition to any dining table or special occasion. Explore the enduring beauty of Indian craftsmanship and transform your table setting into something truly exceptional.

**A Range of Sizes Available:**
- 4 Seater 60 Inch (round)
- 4 Seater 60x60 Inches (square)
- 6 Seater 90 Inches (round)
- 6 Seater 60x90 Inches
- 8 Seater 110 Inches (round)
- 8 Seater 70X108 Inches
- 10 Seater 120 Inches (round)
- 10 Seater 70X120 Inches
- 12 Seater 132 Inches (round)
- 12 Seater 72X140 Inches
- 14 Seater 72X160 Inches
- 16 Seater 72X172 Inches


100% Cotton


60 - 190 Inches

Care information

Dry clean only.

Machine Wash and Lightly Iron
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