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Long Orange Kantha Quilted Jacket | Recycled Saris | Sustainable Fashion | Luxury Jacket | Quilted Jacket | Handcrafted

Long Orange Kantha Quilted Jacket | Recycled Saris | Sustainable Fashion | Luxury Jacket | Quilted Jacket | Handcrafted

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Dress up your favorite jeans with our Kantha Long Line Jacket. This one-of-a-kind piece is crafted from recycled saris and intricately quilted using the traditional centuries-old running stitch embroidery of Kantha, giving it special character in color, stitching, and pattern!

This timeless piece of fashion will add a splash of vibrancy to your wardrobe that is both stylish and comfortable. The 100% cotton fabric has been delicately aged for years, creating an exquisite look with intricate buttons and slits on the sides.

We use Kantha a traditional quilting method for recycling fabrics to transform vintage sari into our Kantha Long Line Jacket.  Make someone else's day shine with this gift or your own! 

  • Each jacket is upcycled in India from 100% cotton saris and is unique in color, stitching, and pattern. 

  • Our apparel is upcycled from fair trade vintage saris and handmade by women in safe and equitable working conditions.

  • Choosing this jacket supports our socially and environmentally responsible practices that curb waste in the Indian textile industry.

  • Free size - measurements: 24" width at chest.

  • Handmade in India from upcycled cotton textiles.

  • Fully reversible jacket featuring pockets on both sides, with durable reversible zipper.

  • Each side has a unique print and pattern.

  • Dry clean only.


100% Cotton Long Line Kantha Jacket


Care information

Dry clean only.

Dry Clean Only
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