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Pair of Indian Miniature Paintings British Company School (1/2) - Ca 1836

Pair of Indian Miniature Paintings British Company School (1/2) - Ca 1836

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A Company School Indian miniature painting of the Red Fort in Agra. Sold as a pair, the price is for both paintings.

An incredibly detailed pair of Indian miniature painting 'company paintings' documenting monuments for the British during colonial rule of India. The paintings provide an important glimpse into a bygone era as a way of documentation before the advent of photography.

The drawings are recorded as being by 'native' droughtsmen of the Delhi School in the Office of the Honourable East India Company's Superintendent of Public Buildings and Ancient Monuments at Calcutta, ca.1836. 

For additional information on these works, please view the same works at Victoria and Albert Museum website:

Indian miniature painting is framed in double mat with a frame made of camel bone. 

About Company School 

During the British colonial period in India, Company School art in India was a style of art that emerged during this period. It was characterized by a fusion of Indian and Western art styles, incorporating Indian themes and motifs into Western art techniques. This style of art was primarily produced by Indian artists who were trained in the British school system.

The British used the British Company School art for administrative and commercial purposes, including maps, portraits, and botanical illustrations. The art was also used to depict Indian life and culture, often through the eyes of British artists.

Despite its commercial origins, Indian miniature painting from the British Company School art significantly impacted Indian art. It introduced Indian artists to Western art techniques and helped to modernize Indian art. Today, the British Company School art remains an important part of India's artistic heritage and is widely collected and appreciated by art enthusiasts worldwide.



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