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Antique Buddhist Thangka Painting - Gelugpa Lineage #TibetanArt #ThangkaPaintings #AntiqueBuddhistArt

Antique Buddhist Thangka Painting - Gelugpa Lineage #TibetanArt #ThangkaPaintings #AntiqueBuddhistArt

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Exquisite antique Buddhist thangka featuring detailed and intricate paintings that captivated me when I first saw it.

This unique piece of art is a rare find, carefully crafted by skilled artisans in the traditional Tibetan style, and is an exceptional example of Buddhist art at its finest. The thangka's beautiful imagery portrays the life and teachings of the Buddha, as well as important deities and spiritual figures in the Buddhist pantheon. The level of detail in the paintings is genuinely remarkable, showcasing intricate patterns and vivid colors.

This antique thangka speaks to the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Himalayas and would make a stunning addition to any art collection or personal space.

For me, this Thangka serves as a beautiful reminder of the deep wisdom and rich tradition of the Buddhist faith and is sure to uplift all who gaze upon it.

Thangka is framed in Museum Glass and a Gold Frame.

View reference of a painting of 'Tsongkhapa amidst a field for the accumulation of merit' at Christies Auction House


Painting on cloth - framed


34 Inches X 22 Inches

Care information

Dry clean only.

Framed in Museum Glass
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