Introducing Chinoiserie-Inspired Pajamas

Get ready for the ultimate in comfort and style with our pajamas and patterns inspired by Chinoiserie and Mughal designs! Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, relax in style, or look flawless for your bridesmaid duties with these ultra-comfy and feather-light pajamas!


Jackets Quilted with Kantha Embroidery

Through our thoughtful blending of traditional motifs, bold prints, saturated color, and traditional Kantha quilting, we are excited to offer our quilted jackets.

Travel Pouches

Introducing the ultimate solution for your hygiene and beauty travel needs: our Indian Hand Block Print Accessory & Toiletry Bags! These bags come in sets of three and are made of high-quality, soft fabric -  8 inches, 9 inches, and 10 inches. Don't wait any longer; order your set of three today and experience the ultimate in travel luxury.