Welcome to our vintage plates and glassware rental business! Our carefully curated selection of vintage dishes and glassware will bring an air of nostalgia with every sip or bite.


Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand event, our plates, and glasses can be the finishing touches that make all the difference in creating beautiful memories for you and your guests. With rare pieces collected over ten years, we are confident to help you find your perfect look, from the regal elegance of Victorian to Bavarian florals or exquisite French porcelain made for the royal court


Our collection of wine glasses is unique and a broad range of rare etched wine glasses, colored glasses, and crystal glasses from world-renowned makers Lalique and Baccarat.

Rare etched wine glasses are perfect for serving your favorite vintage and will elevate your toast, while adding color to your table from vibrant yellows to calming blues, our colored glasses are a beautiful addition to any event.

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Serving Dishes

We offer a charming selection of serving dishes to complement your vintage plates and glasses. Our collection of vintage serving dishes includes a variety of options that will add character and personality to your special event.

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We Deliver and We Pick-up

Our collection is precious to us. We are happy to deliver and pick up our vintage dinnerware and glassware for a small fee. That limits our range to New York Metropolitan Area, including Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, and the occasional out-of-town trips.

Contact us for Vintage Dinnerware Rental. Whether you're hosting an event, wedding or something else entirely — let us help make it a treasured memory!

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Table Linen

Table Linen

Match your vintage style with hand-block print table linen. Our table linen is made-to-order for an intimate evening of two or a celebration of 16.

DharBazaar offers a unique service for couples and event planners - customizing hand-block patterned linens to make their special occasions even more memorable!

Made-to-Order Table Linen For Events

Choose from our hand-block print tablecloths that come in sizes ranging from 6 seaters to 16 seaters and dimensions - round, square, and rectangle. Handblock prints are inspired by Mughal floral motifs recreated with love in Jaipur.