Vintage brocade sari remnants framed #SariRecycled #Brocade #VintageSari

Three-panel Buddhist manuscript paintings

Rare series of three panel Buddhist Manuscript Paintings from late 19th century that beautifully illuminated with images of the deities to whom the text was dedicated and who were evoked through its recitation. Get one or call us if you are interested in the series on +1-917-999-6076.  

Indian Miniature Paintings

Rajasthani Miniature paintings from Late 19th Century to early 20th Century. Step back in time with these breathtaking antique miniature paintings, crafted with intricate detail.

Gandharan scultpture Buddha #Greek #Roman #Persian #Indian

Gandharan art, which flourished from the 1st to 5th centuries AD, reflects this cultural diversity, with elements of Greek, Roman, Persian, and Indian art blending together to create a distinct and innovative style. The iconic Gandharan Buddha sculptures, for example, feature Hellenistic-inspired drapery and realistic facial features, combined with Indian iconography and symbolism. The result is a rich and fascinating artistic tradition that captures the essence of the region's multicultural heritage.